Our values


Our goal is to ensure mutual trust remains at the heart of our home, amongst our residents, their families and the staff.


Respecting the residents comes above all else. We value their dignity, their integrity, their autonomy and their privacy.


The residents are safe here in their home. Their family and friends can come to visit as they please.


We take care of the well-being of our residents and our staff to ensure a pleasant living and working environment, reflecting our strong cohesiveness.

A message from the Director

“Here are four key words which define our vision: trust, respect, safety and well-being. The Director of a care home’s job is to focus on the well-being of the residents and staff. As a matter of fact, our main mission consists of meeting the needs of both our staff and our residents as well as their loved ones, by creating a work environment and living space based on respect,  support and goodwill, where the individual is at the heart of all our concerns. It is imperative that from the first instance residents feel safe and supported in this new chapter of their lives. We hope that our residents and their families, and also our staff, feel welcomed at Nouveau Kermont and live the best possible lives.”

Sladjana Varone

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