Care and Support

Ethos of care

Our vision is to offer residents an integrated social and cultural environment adapted to their physical and/or mental capacity all whilst providing quality care and support. This is achieved by creating an environment where residents feel safe, supported, valued and recognised. This also requires a willingness to tackle all problems related to age and to provide an atmosphere that gives hope again and maintains the residents’ capabilities and quality of life. Finally, it is important to respect the resident’s own rhythm of life and habits and to reach out to relatives and professionals for additional feedback. The team who provide the care are supported by two doctors as well as a psychiatrist who is available at least once a week.

Supporting daily life

As we reach a certain age, humans are no longer able to live 100% autonomously. The staff at Nouveau Kermont are here for those who need help.

The aim of daily support is to allow residents to live well while making the most of the help available without offending their dignity.

Additional care and support


Physiotherapy enables the quality and integrity of movement to be maintained or improved. Every week a physiotherapist comes to our care home to provide care for residents who require it.


It is important to ensure every individual has a balanced diet whilst accommodating their tastes or restrictions to guarantee the well-being of every resident. Therefore, the catering staff as well as the support team ensure that meals are in accordance with the preferences of the individual and the recommendations given by the doctors or dieticians.

Pedicure, hairdresser, beautician

Old age is not a reason to no longer take care of our bodies, quite the opposite. Therefore, every week a podiatrist, a hairdresser and a beautician are available for residents who need or would like this care.

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