Our Values

The confidence

We want to establish a confident climate as well in the residence as for the resident, families and staff.

A healthy environment

We make sure of the well-being of both our residents and our staff to ensure a great life and work atmosphere.

The respect

The residents’ respect is primordial. We’re keeping their dignity, their integrity, their autonomy and of course their intimacy

A warm environment

Residents are at home here. Their families and friends can visit them whenever they want.

The word of the director


Here are four key words that define our vision: trust, respect, safety and well-being. The director of EMS work focuses on the welfare of the resident and the employee. Indeed, our primary mission is to meet both our employees that our residents and their families by offering a work environment and a living bond of respect, support and kindness that humans are at the center of our concerns. It is essential that from the first moments, the resident feels safe and supported in this new stage of his life. Our wish is that our residents and their families but also our employees feel comfortable in New Kermont and live there as possible. .