Other aids


Physiotherapy allows the patients to keep and improve the quality and integrity of their movements. Each week a physiotherapist comes at the EMS for providing his services to residents who request it.


It is essential to consider the diet of everyone to ensure the well-being of all residents and their tastes. The cook and the accompanying team make sure that the meals are suitable for the residents and match with the families’ and doctors’ recommendations.

Chiropodist, hairdresser, and beautician

Elderly is not a reason to not take care of your body appearance. In this way, each week a chiropodist, a hairdresser and a beautician are available for the residents who want or need.

Music Therapy

Music therapy aims to maintain the physical and mental well-being. For this, the therapist uses different elements of music, for example its sounds, rhythms, melodies and silence to bring out and feel emotions to facilitate communication and the expression of patients. A therapist is regularly intervening in the residence.